FM 2003: the 12th International FME Symposium

Pisa, Italy -September 8-14, 2003


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The 12th International FME Symposium FM 2003, has taken place in Pisa, Italy, from the 8th to the 13th of September 2003 at the CNR Research Area premises.
FM 2003 has been hosted by the CNR institute ISTI (Institute of Science and Technology of Information). General chair of the symposium has been Stefania Gnesi (ISTI-CNR) and the Program Co-chairs have been Keijiro Araki (Kyushu University) and Dino Mandrioli (Politecnico di Milano) with Alessandro Fantechi (Univ. of Florence) as Organizing Committee Chair.
144 papers were submitted from all continents and more than 25 countries. In addition to the presentations of the accepted papers, the symposium has offered talks of the four invited speakers, Kouichi Kishida (SRA), Brian Randell (Univ. Of Newcastle), Gerard Holzmann (NASA/JPL), Jean-Raymond Abrial (Consultant), two scientific talks by industrial sponsors, 8 tutorials (Tutorial Chair Mieke Massink), 7 workshops (Workshop Chair Tommaso Bolognesi), and tool demonstrations (Tool Exhibition Chair Tiziana Margaria). More than 200 participants have attended FM03 making it a success. A special full-day meeting Industrial Day (I-Day), organized by Dines Bjørner (Tech. Univ. of Denmark) and sponsored by FME and CoLogNet, was held the day immediately preceding the FM2003 symposium and devoted to formal methods and industry. The Industrial Day had two purposes: to focus on industrial use of formal methods within FM2003, and to be the inaugural meeting of a new association, ForTIA, the Formal Techniques Industrial Association. Anthony Hall from Praxis Critical Systems has agreed to be the first chairman of ForTIA.

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